Woofstock 2019 – the year’s gone by so fast!

Woofstock 2019 – the year’s gone by so fast!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 12 months since the last edition of the biggest dog festival in North America. Here’s a look back!

June 1, 2020

A truly unique event
What could be better than bringing people together to celebrate the unique bond between humans and dogs? Each year hundreds of dogs head to Woodbine Park, Toronto, alongside their favourite human beings, to celebrate Woofstock—the perfect opportunity for dog lovers to showcase their animal’s talent and style. The festive atmosphere is a draw for all animal lovers. And while we’re obviously disappointed that COVID-19 put an end to the edition planned for this summer, we’re thrilled to share our experiences from last year!

At the Pawsie stand our team greeted festivalgoers with a fun, interactive activity. From a creative list of options, people were asked to pick the expression that best described their relationship with their dogs. Then we took pictures of them alongside their pet. We got to hear so many touching stories!

Woofstock 2020 … in September?
This year Pawsie unfortunately won’t be taking part, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that the festival will be able to take place on September 26-27, as currently planned. Let’s hope that health measures will allow the event to move forward in the true spirit of safety and fun. The Pawsie team looks forward to participating again in the near future!

For more info and photos of Pawsie at Woofstock 2019, head here. For the latest on their 2020 edition, consult Woofstock’s Instagram and website.

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