Pawsie is a platform of people who come together to celebrate companion animals, promote their wellbeing and interact with one another. At Pawsie, our mission is to connect, inform, entertain and celebrate the unique bond that unites companion animals and people.

We were made for each other

To get there, we've created a place for exchange and a source for articles on wide-ranging subjects including health, nutrition, behaviour, lifestyle, social issues and also personal stories—both amusing and touching. We get our inspiration from you!

Trust brings us together

We pick good company

Sharing your life with a dog means adopting a unique lifestyle, one where you're never alone. Whatever the weather, you're out there walking with your dog—as if steering clear of loneliness; together, reaching out to other people.

Cute photos? For sure, but the feelings run deep.

Time to get out

It's early, early morning and they're waiting for your first signs of life. You're still asleep, but they poke your cheek with their damp noses and won't take “no” for an answer. Even on Saturday. You drag yourself out of bed and, as if by magic, their contagious energy brings your world to life. The day is yours. Together. #pawsielife

Pawsie. It's a way of life.

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