How Roxy helped Myriam and her family grow

How Roxy helped Myriam and her family grow

Myriam Roy has had dogs all of her life. In her circle, she’s always been “the girl who’s good with dogs.” And then she met Roxy.

November 9, 2019

When her two kids were 6 and 12, Myriam realized that they were growing up without a dog. “While waiting for the perfect circumstances, we were missing out on the special bond that unites a child and a dog. When you’re small, a pet shares your secret world and is always happy to be with you. It’s the model of a healthy relationship: you don’t squabble with your pet, he or she won’t betray you and won’t wreak havoc in your life. Your companion animal is always eager to take part in your adventures.”

Roxy, the rescue dog, and the first Border Collie to have captured Myriam’s heart and ignited her passion for agility training and canine behavior.

While she was keeping an eye out for a possible pet adoption, Myriam fell in love with a five-month-old Border Collie, for sale … in a shop window! She went home to think about it, knowing full well that Border Collies require a lot of exercise and care. When Myriam returned to the shop to adopt the little dog—she was gone. “I returned home so disappointed,” she recalls.

“But a few months later, I saw the very same dog on Kijiji. She was being resold for a profit! I immediately went to get her. Unfortunately, the damage was done. The dog’s spirit was broken, her soul was shattered. Poor Roxy! She’d gone far too long without any affection or nurturing in her life. She no longer trusted humans. We were going to need a lot of patience to heal the damaged dog.”

They may be an active bunch, but they’re quiet at home!

To help the animal’s recovery, the family adopted Z, an Australian Shepherd who taught Roxy a lot about proper dog behavior. “Z was nicknamed ‘Roxy’s psychologist.’ We also registered Roxy for agility classes,” says Myriam. When Roxy was 9 years old, arthritis invaded her life, forcing her to stop competing. But Myriam needed to continue.

The active trio get to spend their energy in a vacant lot near home. From the age of 2 months, Moonlight ran off-leash and played Frisbee.

That’s why she adopted Moonlight. “Moon, the next chapter in our ongoing love story with Border Collies. These dogs are part of our life story. We’ve all learned a lot during this adventure: that it pays to persevere, that it’s patience that enables us to conquer, and that doing things out of kindness can make you happy. These are wonderful life lessons, especially for our children.”

Credits: Private collection

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