The golden retriever, a delightful family pet!

February 18, 2021

Its popularity with families is undeniable! The golden retriever is both beautiful and endearing.

Known for its gentle and affectionate nature, the golden retriever is a real four-legged sweetheart. But be aware: although it calms down as an adult, golden retrievers can be quite boisterous during their early life, so it takes a lot of patience and time to train them properly. But these dogs are so affectionate and loyal that they inevitably become an integral member of their adoptive family. 

An active dog
If you are not very active, a golden retriever will force you to become so! His strong need to move requires long walks at least once a day. Moreover, this breed is a playful type. You will be able to have a lot of fun with him and teach him many tricks. 

A coat that can't be ignored!
Obviously, the golden retriever’s imposing coat requires proper maintenance. The long hair is susceptible to tangles, which must be removed by weekly brushing. However, although the coat needs to be brushed frequently, it doesn't need to be washed so often; in fact intervals of several months are fine. 

Being there, a necessity! 
No matter what your family environment is, the golden retriever will tend to fit in and enjoy it. On the other hand, you must return her kindness by avoiding leaving her alone for long periods of time too often. This very sociable dog is a great companion and is definitely not a loner! So, if you choose to adopt a golden retriever, make sure you have a daily routine that allows you to keep her company most of the time. 

No matter how much hair you have to vacuum off the floor after adopting a golden retriever, this breed of dog is simply charming and is great family companion. Not to mention the fact that this dog will force you to get out and move at least once a day! 


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