The gift of supporting animal welfare for the Holiday season

The gift of supporting animal welfare for the Holiday season

This year, more than ever, the Holiday season is a time for support, caring and sharing. Looking for ways to do your part? Why not give to the cause of helping animals?

December 15, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has kept us on edge for more than eight months. With the Holiday season fast approaching, there’s an opportunity to make a difference and help others. If it’s animal welfare that you want to support this year, here are a few ideas. 

Giving money 
If you have the means, a simple way to help a cause is to send a donation. Many foundations and organizations accept donations in order to be able to continue their activities working for the cause of animals. What’s more, numerous charitable organizations in many areas of society may have seen their donation revenues decline due to the pandemic. So a donation at this time of year, which is a little less festive than usual, can really make a difference. 

In Québec, in addition to the SPCA, which accepts donations, a variety of other organizations exist to help animals. Here are a few: 

1. Mira Foundation – offers free service dogs to people with disabilities.
2. Fondation BEA – works to ensure the well-being of pets in Québec.
3. Fondation Animo pour la vie – offers medical care to pets of low-income families.

Giving time
Another way to help animal causes is to donate your time to organizations that need it. For example, you can volunteer at the SPCA by filling out a simple online form. This article provides all the relevant details. 

Also, if you know someone who might need you to look after their pet during a particularly busy time for them, it can be a big help. Even if it’s only for a brief interlude, it’s a great way to help friends and their pets alike.  

Helping an animal in need
There are animals in need everywhere, and you can help the animal cause at any time! For example, if you see a stray animal suffering in your neighbourhood, accompanying it safely to the veterinarian can be a simple way to help. Keep your eyes open: sometimes the need is right in front of us!

No matter how you choose to help, every gesture counts when it comes to helping animals.

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