The ferret, a prize-winning sleeper

The ferret, a prize-winning sleeper

August 1, 2019

On a typical day, a ferret will sleep an impressive 12 to 18 hours. One minute they’re running, jumping, chasing a ball, and the next, they fall into such a deep sleep that it’s impossible to wake them up. In an hour of play a ferret can burn such a tremendous amount of energy that—wham!—it can then drop off for a 4-6 hour period of shut eye. Some ferrets will even fall into a state of catalepsy—their body temperatures drop as their heart rates and breathing slows … to the point where you’d think they’d left the land of the living! But don’t be fooled: they’ll bounce back as soon as they’re good and rested. (Violaine Charest-Sigouin)

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