Retirement is a dog’s life!

Retirement is a dog’s life!

In progressive retirement, France Sincennes devotes herself fully to the very thing she loves more than anything else: taking care of her dogs.

September 4, 2019

France has always loved dogs. In her twenties, she worked at a pet grooming centre. She was passionate about the job but didn’t think she could make a suitable living at it. Her partner Sylvie, however, had the soul of an entrepreneur.

Very early in her career, she opened her first business, a gas station with a food court. France soon left the grooming centre to help Sylvie in the new business and at their company’s peak, the women owned and managed a small “empire” of some 10 branches in which Clémentine (in the picture above) became the mascot.

France has always had a dog at home. But today, in semi-retirement, she has three. The couple includes their trio of dogs in all their sporting activities: cycling, running, even when they go canoeing. Imagine the happy gang of 5 in one family canoe!

The presence of an animal in the workplace often helps to defuse tensions and problematic situations. The gentle dog has a meaningful impact on the well-being of employees and her presence helps people relax—and smile. She plays a key role for the human resources team!

For France, adopting several dogs was a carefully planned retirement project. "My dogs have a good life,” says France, as she launches into a vivid description of her life these days. “Every morning we get up, have breakfast, then we go on an adventure. The dogs are never left alone at home. Let’s say that there’s no shortage of action in our small group. In fact, I'm busier now than when I was working full time,” she laughs.

France loves the destiny she has forged for herself and her partner and regrets nothing. Surrounded by unconditional love and good humour on a daily basis, she considers herself the most satisfied woman in the world. The 3 dogs would attest to that!

Cover: Catherin Arsenault

Photo credit: personal collection

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