Quirky, dog-centric public art in downtown Montreal

Quirky, dog-centric public art in downtown Montreal

The unique bond between people and dogs is the central theme of this humorous art installation. Dogs are, of course, welcome.

August 22, 2019

Animal lovers in Montreal have until September 12, 2019 to meet up on St. Catherine Street in the Quartier des spectacles and enjoy a temporary public art installation, Dans ma cour… ç’a du chien, created by the multidisciplinary designer Mélanie Crespin and producted by the Quartier des Spectacles Partnership.

“When I arrived in Quebec, I was struck by the bond that people have here with dogs,” says the artist. “Complete strangers stop to talk and pet dogs, which tend to facilitate communication.” It came naturally to the artist to make dogs a part of her installation which is designed for relaxation and filled with AstroTurf, plastic sculptures of dogs, artificial flowers and sun loungers. There’s a great kitschy feel that’s tinged with humour and irony.

“I decided to pick popular breeds in Quebec, such as Labradors, Poodles and French Bulldogs. But also other dogs that I found interesting,” explains Mélanie Crespin.

“At the start of the trail, the dogs behave normally (like dogs!)—for instance, a Jack Russell invites you to play with him,” says the artist. “But as you move on, the dogs take on increasingly human-like behaviour—and we see ourselves reflected in them.” The installations are not merely decorative, each one is an invitation to interact with the dog. It’s guaranteed fun!

Set up just in time for the Fashion & Design Festival, the artwork—a part of which you may have already seen, the rest, new—is on Ste. Catherine Street between Bleury and St. Urbain. It’s free. Make the most of your visit downtown to soak up the urban vibe and some sunny rays, and meditate alongside a Bull Terrier while savouring the final days of the summer—all with your 4-legged friend!

Photo credit : Vincent Sauriol Nadeau, Shoot Studio

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