Ovi: lifting a family’s spirits during the pandemic

Ovi: lifting a family’s spirits during the pandemic

The pandemic has intensified loneliness in many households, but there’s nothing like the arrival of a new family member to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

December 27, 2020

The pandemic that has dominated our lives since last March has motivated many families to adopt adorable dogs. Because we have more free time, we have more time to devote to loving our pets. This is the case for Emy and her family, who saw in the pandemic the ideal opportunity to adopt an animal. 

Emy's father had long wanted an Australian Shepherd. Although he originally wished to wait until the family bought a cottage so that the animal could enjoy a more out-of-doors environment, COVID-19  hastened the process: with fewer hours spent working, adopting the dog of his dreams was not a difficult decision. 

However, when the first wave of the pandemic came to an end, Emy's father's work was back in full swing and so she became the main family member to care for the puppy and train him properly. Of course, Emy can’t help but notice the distraction her dog can be when she is taking her online university courses: “It's a big diversion, for sure. I’m always tempted to pet my dog rather than listen to my classes.” However, you only have to chat with her for a few minutes to see how much she adores Ovi. 

Energy to spare
Australian Shepherds are known to be fairly energetic dogs. And Ovi is also still very young, about 10 months old. He has to get outside at least once a day to burn off excess energy. And because he is still in training, mishaps are not uncommon. For example, Emy laughs and says “Ovi is always chewing on underwear and socks.” Also, he often jumps up and puts his paws on tables and counters, a bad habit that needs to be worked on constantly. 

In spite of his few quirks, Ovi is well-loved: “He's so beautiful. Even if he’s excitable, he’s so lovable because he's too cute,” Emy recounts with a broad smile.  “I love him so much! Right now, I’m teaching him to give kisses!” 

A shared passion for outings
In addition to the obedience classes he is taking, Ovi’s development is being aided by the many walks he takes with his owner. Emy tells us that these outings with her pet bring her great joy too. With other kinds of activities being very limited during this pandemic, walking and hiking allow her to get some fresh air, while letting her dog experience nature and sniff everything he comes across. Although at his young age it is clear that there is still a lot of training to do, hiking seems to make Ovi the happiest of dogs: “He scampers around wagging his tail and sniffing everywhere,” Emy says. “He pulls a lot on his leash, which often makes me fall down, but we’re working on that and he seems so happy that it’s become my favourite activity,” she adds, with a certain emotion. 

An endearing pup
Obviously, Ovi’s arrival in the lives of Emy and her family will forever remind them of the pandemic. It is not for nothing that the dog’s moniker evokes the name of the disease, COVID-19, that sparked his arrival in their home earlier than planned. However, despite all the joy that their new companion brings the family, Emy emphasizes the importance of thinking carefully before adopting a dog, pandemic or not! 

Firstly, she stresses the importance of being well informed about the breed of dog you wish to own. Some breeds require more time than others: “Yes, the dog is beautiful, but a dog also has to go out for a walk once or twice a day, so you have to make sure you have time to do that,” she points out. 

In spite of all the devotion it is taking to train Ovi, his arrival in their home has lifted the whole family’s spirits. For Emy, dogs are “a constant reminder of the positive side of the situation, despite everything, and for us, Ovi is the bright side of our confinement.”

It is obvious that Ovi is not lacking in love, and one look at his adorable face is enough to make anyone want to give him even more!

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