Keeping the house ship-shape when you own a pet

March 27, 2023

Although we love our four-legged companions more than anything, pet ownership requires more frequent home cleaning in order to minimize dirt, clutter and odours.

From reducing odours to keeping floors clean, pet owners need to adopt a few strategies to keep their homes pristine. Here are the easiest things you can do to avoid having your house look like it’s been turned upside down.

Teach your dog what she can't do

Setting some limits for your dog can help you manage the condition of your home a little better. For example, you can limit access to your bedroom or other areas that are more likely to be soiled by your faithful friend. 

Build on small habits

Whether it’s getting your dog used to waiting on a carpet before he enters the main part of your home after a walk, or scheduling regular brushing sessions, such habits can save you many hours of house cleaning. 

Avoid leaving stuff lying around

This little habit sounds obvious, but many find it bothersome. But why not pick up everyday clutter to avoid breakage or temptation for pooch to turn an important item into a chew toy? Plus, getting into the habit of picking up after yourself is always beneficial!  

Plan your outings

It’s never fun to have your dog muddy freshly cleaned floors. That’s why planning your outings can help prevent your pooch from getting too dirty. Especially during the spring season, try to avoid trails where she is more likely to get muddy. Opt for a trek around the neighbourhood instead!  

Equip yourself 

All pet owners can benefit from having nearby cleaning products, the right doggie deodorizer and any other effective items needed to maintain good hygiene. Whether you’re cleaning your pet or the messes he leaves behind, it’s also best to choose environmentally responsible products.


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