Keeping busy with pooch

Keeping busy with pooch

The pandemic has limited our outings. Here are a few ideas for spending quality time with your dog. 

February 16, 2021

Since last March, our activities have been restricted. However, there’s always something to do if you look hard enough, and what’s better, even in confinement you can include your furry pal in the action. 

Cocooning session 
An activity that’s pleasant and relaxing for you, as much as for your pet! Need inspiration? Here's what your cocooning session could consist of: 

  • Washing your pet: if he is due, washing your pet can be the first step in your session.
  • Brushing your pet: If your dog likes to be brushed, this is an opportunity to spoil her. 
  • Doggie massage (definitely!): Why not pamper your canine friend even more with a pleasant massage? If you’ve never tried it before, you might like this article

Living room games
Playing with your dog is not only entertaining for both of you, it’s good for the animal's development. Moreover, this does not always require that you go outside and makes for some pleasant time with your faithful companion. Several simple games are possible, such as hide-and-seek or tricks that help his training. In need of inspiration? This article offers several ideas! 

Getting some fresh air, a must
Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most enjoyable. Do you get bored indoors? Go outside and recharge your batteries with your friend! Despite the pandemic, many parks and trails are open so you can enjoy nature and winter with your pet. Psst! Don’t forget to dress your animal appropriately, especially when temperatures are plunging! 

Home cinema snuggling
When we’re at home, sometimes we just want to slack off and rest! If this is the case for you, look no further and enjoy a home theatre day with your pup! Sit back and watch your favorite dog movies together! Here are our faves

No matter what you choose to do to stay occupied, any day with your dog is a happy day! 

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