Gadgets that make life easier for pet owners

Gadgets that make life easier for pet owners

There are all kinds of gadgets available to make the daily life of cat and dog owners more enjoyable and less stressful.

March 6, 2021

1. Fur broom 
If you have carpets at home, you won’t want to do without this broom designed specifically to collect dog and cat fur. No more need to haul out the vacuum cleaner every time you want to pick up hard-to-remove fur from all sorts of surfaces. 

2. Port-a-pet
Transporting your pet isn’t as easy as you’d like? Maybe this sling carrier for cats or small dogs could help you reduce anxiety for both of you when you’re on the move. There are several styles and colours to make pet and owner happy. 

3. Self-groomer

This self-groomer allows kitty to rub the sides of her face, while she grooms and removes loose hairs. Some models even include a compartment for adding catnip. Your feline will surely love this gadget! 

4. Tough toy
Is your pooch a rough-and-tumble player? A resistant toy like this one could save you a lot of money! It can handle anything your dog can dish out.

5. Odour eliminator
Does your pet have an occasional accident  indoors? This odour destroyer could save you a lot of aggravation! Simply spray a few squirts of the product on the spot where your faithful companion has left his mark and odours disappear like magic!

6. Eye rinse
Believe it or not, there are products that can make your canine friend even cuter by getting rid of unsightly tear stains and discharge around her eyes, in addition to reducing irritation. However, before you buy it, check with your veterinarian to make sure the product is gentle and safe.

7. Small comb
Some combs are too large to allow deep combing, especially around the eyes, where it can be difficult to remove tedious knots. This small comb will enable you to smooth your dog’s coat around her eyes while removing tear stains and crust.

8. Happy birthday!
Whatever the time of year, it’s always fun to spoil your pet. It's normal to want to give our adorable companions a little extra treat for their birthdays, this birthday cake kit for dogs will help you uncomplicate the task!

9. Doggie doorbell
What better than a doorbell to avoid forgetting your dog outside, or to prevent him from getting back in the house too quickly with his muddy feet ruining your clean floor. In addition to saving you a lot of trouble, teaching your dog to use the doorbell is an interesting way to stimulate his brain. Technology is for dogs too!  

10. Safety collar
Are you sometimes afraid of losing sight of your pet when you take her outside at night? A lighted collar could greatly reduce your stress level when your pet wants to do her business and wanders a little too far away for your liking. This inexpensive but colourful and useful collar is very interesting for worried “parents!” 

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