Drinks, friends, dogs and good times at Montreal’s St-Ambroise Terrasse

Drinks, friends, dogs and good times at Montreal’s St-Ambroise Terrasse

Nestled along the Lachine Canal in a quiet corner of St-Henri, this exceptional brewery is a community hub and a popular meeting place for dog lovers.

August 31, 2019

When the weather is just right and it’s time to savour a drink outdoors, most people have a mental list of places they like to visit. In Montreal, one such destination, St-Ambroise Terrasse, is a magnet for bicyclists, hikers, groups of friends, families with kids … and dog lovers of all stripes. The unique atmosphere attracts a happy and eclectic mix of people and their 4-legged buddies.

The popular brewery, which happily welcomes all well-behaved dogs who are on a lease, isn’t just dog-friendly, it’s all out friendly—spending an evening there feels like being on vacation, far from Montreal. “It’s definitely the green space that makes you feel like you’re not in the city,” says Gareth, a regular, referring to the field next to the brewery.

“I don’t have a dog,” he adds, “but I think it’s joyful and relaxing to have them around. The people who come here with their dogs are usually very respectful. I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed anything ugly!” The field is open to dogs and their owners (providing they leave their drinks at the bar).

On the deck, the Pawsie effect is plain to see: there’s easy banter between tables and the vibe is upbeat. Discussions between friends are punctuated by “Wow, cute dog! What’s the breed? Can I pet him?” The presence of animals seems to make people more enthusiastic to exchange, giving rise to conversations that probably wouldn’t otherwise happen.

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Photo credits: Miriam Darras

Cover: St-Ambroise Terrasse welcomes dogs with open arms, as long as they’re on a lease.

Photo: The field next to the brewery is a playground for dogs (and their owners).

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