Dear amateur gardener, some plants may harm your animals

November 6, 2023

They embellish our homes and give us a healthy dose of oxygen, but some plants can make our pets sick.

You love plants and your home is beginning to look like a botanical garden? Be careful! Though they may look great, some plants can cause your pets to have serious health problems. Here are 5 plants to keep away from your 4-legged friends.

Peace lilies (spathiphyllum)

Peace lilies are toxic for cats and dogs. This plant can cause digestion problems and irritate your pet’s lips and tongue.


Azaleas are dangerous for cats and dogs but also for horses and birds. Ingestion can provoke the heart muscles to dysfunction and provoke serious digestive disorders.


Poinsettias, a Christmas-time favourite, should also be kept away from your cat and dog. Their leaves can cause skin irritation and digestive dysfunction.

Dumb canes (dieffenbachia)

This magnificent plant enriches any room but keep your cat away! Ingestion can provoke digestive dysfunction, kidney failure and neurological disturbances.


This houseplant is toxic for cats, dogs and birds. Ingestion can cause them to have digestive and respiratory problems, as well as gum bleeding.

If you suspect that your animal has ingested leaves from one of these plants it’s important to consult your veterinarian rapidly. Knowing which plant they’ve eaten will help your vet prescribe the right treatment.

Consult the Pet Poison Helpline for a longer list of plants that are dangerous for your companion animals.


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