COVID-19: Animal-themed entertainment to keep your spirits up

COVID-19: Animal-themed entertainment to keep your spirits up

During these worrying times, as the pandemic spreads, here are some suggestions to keep your stress levels down—featuring adorable animals!

March 26, 2020

We’re all developing our own ways to keep ourselves entertained during this period of “social distancing”. And, because the web is bursting with fun content, animal-lovers are definitely spoiled with possibilities. Here are ideas for having fun while breaking down feelings of isolation.

Animal memes
Even in “normal” circumstances, memes are wildly popular. But during these times of crisis? Their popularity is way off the charts! Memes that shine a humorous light on the coronavirus are a welcome source of laughter.

Animals on TikTok
Is there anything better than TikTok to escape the stress? Check out animal accounts to help lighten these sombre days. Just download the application, create an account and enter “dog”, “cat” or “animal” in the search menu …. and get ready for hours of entertainment!

YouTube animal videos
YouTube has a ton of animal content. Discover channels which provide a wide range of videos, both educational and humorous. And, who knows, maybe you’ll make the most of your home confinement to teach your dog some new tricks?

Digital books
As non-essential businesses are now shuttered, many bookstores are selling digital books. Consider downloading some during your time at home to get a better understanding of companion animals. Not sure what to read? Find out if your cat is happy in your apartment in a veterinarian-written book reviewed in this article.

With all these sources of entertainment your period of social distancing is bound to fly by!

Photo 1: spicydogmemes
Photo 2: tiktok

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