Big demand for pandemic pets!

May 9, 2021

It’s no secret that the crisis has led to increased pet adoptions.

In recent months, pets have become increasingly scarce. In fact, because demand is higher, the supply is decreasing and the SPCA and shelters are receiving about 30% fewer animals than before. To cope with this increase in demand, shelters have had no choice but to tighten up the measures and protocols for adopting a new four-legged friend. 

Interviews to prevent abandonment
In order to limit the possible damage when normal life resumes after the pandemic, some shelters are choosing to interview families who want to adopt animals, to try to limit the number of abandonments that could occur in the wake of the crisis. At the same time, shelters are asking interested families to think about delaying pet adoption so they are confident they will be able to care for it in their post-pandemic daily lives. 

Things to consider
While adopting a new pet has always required careful reflection, there are new considerations when adopting an animal during a pandemic. For example, because many new owners are seeking veterinarians, these medical professionals are rather overwhelmed and unable to take on new clients. It is also important for prospective owners to consider their return to full-time out-of-home work: some jobs will not allow indefinite teleworking. Thus, some prospective owners may have difficulty managing this new reality once the crisis is behind us. 

Assessing all eventualities
Before adopting a new companion, also think about planning for its arrival. Will you be able to afford to see a vet? What about the other financial responsibilities of pet ownership? Do you have enough time to train your pet properly? These are all questions to ask yourself before adopting.


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