Batman’s real mission

December 27, 2019

You might think that superheroes are a fiction of the imagination. But Batman really does exist—and is 100% focused on saving animals.

He may not be as wealthy as Bruce Wayne, but he truly is a hero. Chris Van Dorn, a young Marvel fan, crisscrosses the United States to save cats and dogs from euthanasia. Inspired by the magical world of super heroes, he founded Batman4Paws, a nonprofit dedicated to providing abandoned animals with the transport they need to get to their new adoptive homes. He even has the costume.

The adventure began 2014 when Chris’s father adopted Mr Boots, an Australian Shepherd found wandering in an Alabama forest. The dog was delivered by an association of pilots sympathetic to animal rights—at a time when Chris was himself in the process of getting his pilot’s license. This encounter inspired the young man to put his new skills to use for a meaningful cause. He now dreams of one day owning his own plane. In the meantime, he drives to crowded shelters, covering hundreds of kilometres to save animals (sometimes at the eleventh hour) from a tragic end.

For now, Chris Van Dom is happy to help a handful of animals at a time. But the Good Samaritan is hoping to extend his reach by signing a sponsorship deal with a recreational vehicle company … enabling him to launch his Batmobile! He’s also aiming to unite with other animal-loving superheroes. His biggest operation so far? Driving 4 Pit bulls from Florida to Vermont. His generosity has no limits.

Inspired to help? You can support Batman4Paws on GoFundMe.


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