All about muzzles

All about muzzles

If your dog has an impulsive or aggressive streak, a muzzle could come in very handy.

November 3, 2020

A muzzle is a must for dogs that tend to act impulsively or are occasionally prone to aggressive behaviour. It can prevent serious problems if ever your pet were to try to bite another dog, or a person. If you do opt for this solution, be sure to choose the right type of muzzle, and help your dog get used to it by associating it with something positive. 

There are several types of muzzle. By choosing one that is comfortable for your dog and suits his needs, you’ll make it easier for him to accept this new accessory. 

The economical option: cloth
A cloth muzzle (also called a soft muzzle) is probably the most economical option, and is ideal if this is your first attempt at muzzling your dog. This inexpensive model, however, can’t be worn for too long. What’s more, you’ll need to change it as soon as there’s a tear in the fabric: a tear, combined with the strength of your dog’s jaws, could render the muzzle useless. So if you decide on a soft muzzle, check it for tears every time you’re about to put it on your dog. 

The safer option, for calmer dogs: leather
Leather muzzles also tend to be fragile, but are a good option if your dog is normally the quiet sort and only reason you need to be muzzling is that it’s mandatory somewhere that you regularly go. A leather model is more comfortable for your pet, but you’ll still need to inspect it often, as tears could develop. 

The effective, durable option: metal basket
If you want to make a muzzle part of your furry friend’s everyday, the metal basket type is an excellent choice. It’s both sturdy and comfortable for your dog, it’s likely to last far longer than a soft muzzle, and it makes it much easier for your dog to breathe. 

The most comfortable option: ergonomic
Ergonomically designed muzzles are a logical choice for long-term habituation. They’re resistant and comfortable, and often recommended by veterinarians, so get one if your budget allows (these types of muzzle are likely the most expensive available). 

Remember: whichever type of muzzle may seem best to you, it’s very important to get an expert’s advice when choosing a model that will be most suitable for your dog’s needs. Happy shopping!

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