A playlist for your animal!

February 9, 2020

Your companion animal likes music? Keep them entertained while you’re out by creating their own playlist.

Dogs, cats, hamsters, birds and even iguanas can now enjoy their very own Spotify playlists. The music platform now gives you the option to create personalized playlists based on your animal’s musical tastes, their type and even their personality!

Spotify was convinced to launch the service by the results of a study of 5,000 subscribers who are companion animal owners. The study reported that 71% of companion animal owners had played music for their animal and that 8 out of 10 owners said their animals enjoyed listening to music.

How to
Creating a pet playlist is easy, simply:

1. Subscribe or connect to Spotify
2. Head to pets.byspotify.com
3. Enter what type of animal you have
4. Respond to the 3 questions about your animal’s personality
5. Enter their name and upload a photo (if you wish)

And you’re all set. Your companion animal now has their very own playlist!

A podcast designed to soothe dogs
On top of personalized pet playlists for a range of animals, Spotify also offers a podcast that’s designed to keep dogs company, comfort them and reduce their levels of stress when they’re home alone. Uniquely offered in the United Kingdom for now, the podcast proposes 2 five-hour long programs featuring the voices of celebrity actors as well as relaxing tunes. Let’s hope that it will soon be available in Canada!


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