5 ways to pamper your animals during COVID-19

April 4, 2020

As the coronavirus forces us to social isolate, why not make the most by showing your animals how much you love them?

Taking care of our animals, pampering them and showering them with love are everyday activities. In normal circumstances, it can be hard to give them the affection they truly deserve. But as we find ourselves at home in quarantine most of us now have more time to spend with our 4-legged friends. Here are some suggestions for ways to treat them like royalty!

1. Brush them more frequently
This is not only necessary to prevent their fur from matting, it’s also very enjoyable for your pet! Make the most of this opportunity to groom your pet more frequently and give them some great vibes.

2. Play games with them (and have fun!)
Animals also get bored! Fill your free time—and theirs—with new games. Looking for ideas? Check out this article for some suggestions.

3. Bake tasty dog treats
Running out of treats? Get out your pots and pans and make some fantastic homemade biscuits. This recipe by Ricardo only requires a few simple ingredients (which you probably already have).

4. Head out for a great walk
Fresh air is good for everyone. As you social distance, get a break by taking more walks with your dog—a welcome chance to stretch your legs.

5. Pamper your pets
In difficult times like these, animals are—more than ever—a source of happiness. Hug your pet and load up on love!


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