Zuu, the cat with the fluffy cotton-ball face

Zuu, the cat with the fluffy cotton-ball face

March 28, 2020

If you were to see this cat walking down the street you’d probably stop and stare. How come? It’s his perfectly round powder-puff face. When he poses for a picture, Zuu, as he’s known, looks like he’s a big fluffy ball with four paws. His popularity on Instagram—at the account he shares with his equally exotic brother Bocco—won’t come as a surprise; they have over 100,000 followers. Zuu’s daily routine is as eccentric as his appearance. Like most cats, he gets enthusiastic when it comes to food, but unlike others, he’s exclusively hand fed by his owner. Food aside, Zuu is fond of his naps but when he’s outside playing he loves to hang out with … dogs! What more can we say? We’ve fallen for Zuu. (Catherine D’Avignon)

Cover: pechanko_bocco

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