Your survival kit for walking in the rain with your dog

Your survival kit for walking in the rain with your dog

Fall brings its fair share of showers. Fortunately, with these 3 accessories you’ll be both watertight and dressed to impress.

October 19, 2020

The centrepiece: A raincoat for your dog

Some dogs hate rain even though they love to swim. And, let’s be honest, who has the time to dry their dog in the morning, before heading to work? Not to mention the smell … or the mess when your dog decides to shake off the wet in the hallway! The solution? A raincoat for your dog. We vote for an iconic yellow model or for a lighter, funkier version which will give your dog free rein to express his or her style.

Four boots are better than two

Be prepared for any adventure with waterproof wellies that protect your dog’s tender pads from injury and keep his or her paws dry and warm. No more mud, sand and dead leaves! Walks and dog parks will fill you with joy … and your floors will shine like never before.

Keeping the little one dry

An accessory that gets people talking is surely the pinnacle of style. When you walk up to doggy daycare, you’ll be sure to have tongues a-wagging with this dog-centric umbrella. Available in a range of colours, its reverse-style handle lets you hook your small-to-medium sized dog’s leash or harness around it. For the larger dogs out there, we advise you to pull out the stops … with an appropriately sized coat. Whatever it takes!

Decked out with all the right accessories, you’ll be ready to take Facebook and Instagram by storm!

Photos: Canada Pooch

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