Working from home: Paradise for our pets

Working from home: Paradise for our pets

It’s a new reality for many employees during the pandemic and while working at home may bring some people down, our 4-legged companions are loving the company!

April 1, 2020

If there’s someone who’s totally enthusiastic about the government’s regimen of social isolation, it’s your 4-legged companion who gets to spend a full 24 hours a day at your side! Here are 10 pictures of furry home workers which are bound to make you smile.




Interior designer



Real estate agent

Art director



Photo 1: ohmydaringclementine
Photo 2: wildhairhoneychild
Photo 3: scotthowell919
Photo 4: genevieve the doodle
Photo 5: hanxwithanx
Photo 6: maya.xoloitzcuintle
Photo 7: codythewigglebutt
Photo 8: nalabearpom
Photo 9: jaredshoot
Photo 10: olliesandiego

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