Woof Pack—the monthly box for dogs

November 7, 2019

Each one contains 2 toys, 2 packs of all-natural treats and either an accessory or a chew. With some help from our 4-legged friends, we tested the service for you.

Woof Pack provided Pawsie with a free box in order to test their products.

Nothing can be more important than our animal’s health and wellbeing, all Pawsies agree. That’s why two Canadians founded Woof Pack, a service designed to care for your dog with a monthly delivery of treats and toys!

Here’s what our monthly boxes contained …

Plush jellyfish toy
Zippy Paws creates wonderful stuffed toys for dogs while supporting worthy causes, such as ocean cleaning, in partnership with charities like Earth’s Ocean, Mission K9 Rescue and “Paws with a cause”, a non-profit organization which trains guide dogs. At Pawsie, we feel strongly about supporting charity missions. Why not help out … while giving your dog a super treat?

Seahorse squeaky toy
When your dog has torn it to shreds and you think it’s time to chuck out this foufou Brands stuffed toy … think again! It’s actually a “2-in-1”. The detachable inside section is a thermoplastic chewable toy—that helps massage gums and clean teeth—with a built-in squeaker. We love that this toy has a “second” life!

Our canine testers were wild about the treats contained in the Woof Pack box. How come they’re so good? … we asked ourselves. Here’s what we found out …

All natural beef liver treats with cranberry
These Benn Bully’s made-in-Canada treats simply contain two ingredients: beef liver and cranberry. Together, they help digestion, maintain the urinary system and help promote a healthy coat. We love them … because our dogs’ health is so important to us!

Salmon treats
Salmon is an easily digestible protein for dogs which also helps maintain their coat’s healthy shine. The Barkery treats are high in vitamin E … another great reason to give them our seal of approval!

Barnsdale Farms
Bones provide dogs with calcium, phosphorous and minerals. Your furry friend will have a feast and hours of fun with these bones prepared by a Canadian company. Reminder: to avoid accidents, it’s important to keep your eye on your dog while they’re chewing bones.

Woof Pack provides monthly and bi-monthly subscriptions, which renew automatically. Boxes cost $41 each, $37 per box when purchasing a 6-month subscription and $33 per month when you get a 12-month subscription. Prices include delivery within Canada. Note that you can’t cancel a subscription once it’s started.

Credits: Miriam Darras


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