What's a Pawsie?

Spoiler alert: A Pawsie is a person who loves companion animals—it's as simple as that! To get all the details on who we are and what we believe, please read on.

April 3, 2019

I was working at La Presse+ as editor in chief of Suite when I first heard the name. A group of people, who had the well-being of companion animals at heart, wanted to build a digital platform … “Pawsie”.

Not another “cat and dog” site, I thought to myself.

But I decided to keep an open mind. Pawsie.ca would have the best pet-related news and lifestyle updates—professionally-produced content, with a strong health angle, written by journalists and freelance writers, beautifully put together in a fun, friendly package. Pawsie would publish articles and share unique stories about our lives, as we share them with our furry and feathered friends.

The goal was to bring people together, as one community: “Pawsies” do this, “Pawsies” are like that, let's talk on pawsie.ca. Pawsie.ca wanted to take part in the “live” events that celebrate the unique bond between people and their companion animals. And, down the road, Pawsie would create their own, unique events and activities.

The project peaked my curiosity. I began to pay closer attention. After all, I've loved animals for as long as I can remember and I'd been struck by the “crazy” lengths we go to for the love of our cats and dogs! Like kindergartens and pet schools, designer clothing and furniture, daycare, pet hotels, bars and cafés, pet-focused hiking trails and spas, beauty salons and healthcare. And what else?

Pawsie.ca was going to be unique: it would always discuss companion animals in light of the bond that they share with their favourite human. It would celebrate health, wellbeing and love? What wasn't there to like?

It's now a year later. Pawsie is a reality—complete with its digital platform, Facebook and Instagram accounts, and a really cool logo. Have you ever felt like you're the most important human in the eyes of your companion animal? Welcome, you're a Pawsie!

Do you break into a smile—or even swell with pride—when someone asks you your pet's name? Welcome, you're a Pawsie! There's no catch. It won't cost you a penny. It's just good to be with like-minded people."

If your family includes a pampered pet, you're not alone. In Canada, close to two-thirds of all households have at least one four-legged family member. That's a grand total of 16.3 million cats and 16.2 million dogs—a lot of animals for a human population of just 36.7 million!

What can I say about these cherished souls? In a nutshell: they make us better people. It's proven that their mere presence helps boost our physical and mental health. Some are service animals whose work makes a concrete difference in the lives of people facing hardships of every kind. It's hard not to love them!

Science has revealed some fascinating insight relating to the bond or “rapprochement” between people and companion animals. At the root—before any utilitarian concept that a wolf might serve a purpose by hunting for us—there was an emotion. Our human ancestors were moved by the presence of these animals. Their original desire was to befriend them. And, ever since, feeding, caring for, and protecting our four-legged companions has been filling our hearts with joy and that unquantifiable feeling that we call … love.

It's time to run off-leash! At Pawsie.ca you're among friends. Have a great time on your new platform!

Your Pawsie in chief

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