Valentine’s Day is for dogs too!

February 14, 2022

Whether you’re single or a couple on Valentine’s Day, why not include your furry friend in this celebration of love?

Valentine’s Day 2022 will be memorable! Spend this Valentine’s Day in the comfort of your living room! It’s the perfect occasion to invite your furry pal to the party. Here are some ideas for activities to do with your pooch, whether you’re alone or accompanied!

Go for a good walk

A little fresh air is so good for morale! And what about taking a walk in this winter paradise? It's so romantic! Just like a human, your dog will be able to expend his surplus energy outside and, who knows, maybe be tired enough to give you a little break so you and your partner can fully enjoy your time together! Tip: Why not go one hour before your candlelight supper?

Baking heart-shaped dog biscuits

And as long as you’re cooking up a great dessert to accompany your own supper, you might want to try a new recipe for dog biscuits! Here’s one from Marilou of Trois fois par jour which is delicious—at least it’s proven very popular with the discerning canine palate! And to stick with the Valentine’s Day theme, you could bake heart-shaped biscuits using a mould or simply shape them with your hands (and your creative talents).

Give your doggie a red gift 

It’s not too late to order a gift online for your dog—and your partner, if you haven’t already done so—so that everyone will have the pleasure of unwrapping a little something from you! And dogs are always happy to receive a new toy to add to their collection! Again, to stay on theme, why not buy a red toy? Here are a few ideas:


Watching a romantic movie with furball 

Here’s a traditional Valentine's Day activity: watching a romantic movie while snuggling with your partner! Why not include your pet in your cocoon? He or she doesn’t likely need an official invitation; most dogs are only too happy to stick to you like glue! If you feel like it, why not watch a tear-jerker or a comedy starring dogs? Here’s a list to give you a bit of inspiration! 


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