Two dogs in one!

Two dogs in one!

November 23, 2020

Living with a dog on a daily basis is literally one of life’s greatest joys! And what about adopting one in the midst of a pandemic, while the whole world is going through one of the greatest challenges of our time. That’s exactly what happened to Victoria Hoffman and her boyfriend when they adopted Moo, a beautiful and unique looking dachshund, a few months ago. This dog who leaves no one indifferent has a coat that gives him the illusion of being two dogs in one! His head is black and beige like typical dachshund, but his body is speckled like a Dalmatian's. His piercing black eyes are so irresistible that you want to cuddle him all day long. And we are not the only ones to fall under his spell; Moo is a real Instagram sensation with over 54,000 followers! (Catherine D'Avignon)

Photo : Moo

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