Top memes of the month

April 12, 2020

Procrastination wouldn’t be complete without animal memes. If you’re looking for an excuse to avoid a task, have a look at this month’s picks!

1. Get me outta here!

2. Are you still watching?

3. Look, no metal!

4. Seen it all

5. A question of perspective

6. Living the moment

7. Are you messing with me?

8. I’m fine. Really.

9. Not that surprised.

10. Ah, healthy habits!

Photo 1: spicydog memes
Photo 2: itsalwayscathours
Photo 3: mypetsgang
Photo 4: catmemes.only
Photo 5: funny animal memes
Photo 6: idogmemes
Photo 7: catmemes.only
Photo 8: cat memes.only
Photo 9: spicydogmemes
Photo 10: catmemes.only


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