Top 7 animal Instagram accounts

May 15, 2020

You’ve got a case of the winter blues and you’re looking for a “pick-me-up”? Follow these 7 Instagram accounts and watch your days brighten.

What better way to take care of the winter blues than adorable pictures of animals? With their cuter-than-cute looks and engaging personalities, the following dogs, cats—and, yes, a squirrel—have become internet celebrities with millions of followers on Instagram. Without further ado, here are the animal stars of social media who are bound to light up your newsfeed.

2.2 million followers

Tucker is a Golden Retriever whose unusual looks help him stand out from the crowd. What’s so special about Tucker? His facial expressions, which Tucker’s owner interprets for their millions of followers on Instagram. It’s a great combination of funny photos and really entertaining captions. What’s more, Tucker is still only 2 years old and has plenty in store for us in the coming years.

1.9 million followers

Like Tucker, Maya has the star role in the videos created by her owner. The clips zoom in on the amusing expressions of this stunning Samoyed as she encounters a range of unusual situations. Watch a few and you’ll be surprised by how captivating this beautiful dog becomes. Some of the clips even feature the ever-expressive Tucker (see above) chatting with Maya on Facetime. Hilarious videos that you’ll want to binge watch!


Jill, a female squirrel, is causing a stir on Instagram. When you step outside squirrels may be everywhere you look but Jill’s endearing personality helps us see these commonplace animals in a totally different—and humorous—light. If this Insta account makes you feel like adopting a squirrel be aware that they need very specific care. Be sure to do your research before welcoming a squirrel into your home!

2.9 million followers

Juniper’s owner loves animals. All of them. On her Instagram account she shares the daily lives of her 3 foxes: Juniper, Fig and Elmwood. She also has a dog, cat and several other animals—many of whom are injured and in her care for a temporary period as they gather the strength to return to the wild. This animal lover uses Instagram as a tool to share her knowledge of animals and the issues relating to adopting them from the wild.

1.9 million followers
Marnie is no ordinary pooch. Aside from his advanced age—he’s 17 years old—this adorable Shih Tzu is notable for his atypical posture. Due to a condition called vestibular syndrome, Marnie’s head leans permanently to the left, and his supersized tongue seems too big for him. Nevertheless, despite appearances, Marnie is in good health. This Instagram account’s funny captions and Marnie’s eccentric looks are sure to keep you entertained.

3.8 million followers

Doug has become a social media star thanks to his passion for costumes. Combine hilarious poses, extravagant wigs, shoes and glasses and hilarious captions … and the result is truly hilarious. This dog is a real cinema star!

2.1 million followers

“If you could use a little bit of joy & laughter, you've come to the right place!” Tunameltsmyheart’s Instagram description says it all. Like many of the animals we’ve touched on above, Tuna has a physical particularity that makes him unique. In TMMH’s case, a misshapen jaw gives him a truly unusual look … a bit like Mr Burns from The Simpsons! Snapshots from his daily life are published several times a week—just enough to keep his curious audience wanting to find out more.

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