Top 10 memes of the month

Top 10 memes of the month

Are you frequently compared to memes? Here’s a line-up of our 10 favourite animal memes … to help you retaliate!

December 5, 2019

Memes are all over the internet. Drawing on funny situations, hilarious images or well-known sayings, memes spread across social networks like wildfire. And some become iconic along the way.

Cat insomnia

Say “cheese” please!

Tippy-toe swimming

Because I know how great I look

Out-of-this-world feline

Travelling light

Dressed to impress

Focused on retirement

Life isn’t fair

Two-faced kitty


Photo 1: countrycraftincritters

Photo 2: idogmemes

Photo 3: spicydogmemes

Photo 4: spicydogmemes

Photo 5: rapidofixexpress

Photo 6: thedoggyuniverse

Photo 7: dogmemesupreme

Photo 8: dogmemesupreme

Photo 9: dogmemesupreme

Photo 10: cheezburger

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