TikTok animal-themed accounts to follow

May 17, 2020

Here are accounts that all animal lovers will definitely want to follow.

It makes us laugh, dance and think—and for the past months TikTok has been filling an ever-increasing time slot in our schedules!

@theoreocat 2 million Followers – 47.1 million Likes
Featuring 3 cats, and sometimes their owner, in a range of hilarious situations. The commentaries—which really explain the account’s popularity—are side-splitting!
Our favourite TikTok: theoreoca

@divinefalcon0 888,900 Followers – 15.4 million Likes
Have you ever wondered about the daily life of an alpaca? Look no further! You’ll find it hard to resist their adorable personalities. Watch out for your free time!
Our favourite TikTok: divinefalcon0

@hollyandhazelnut 2.2 million Followers – 35 million Likes
Watch the ins and outs of Holly and Hazelnut, two cute little dogs set in a range of crazy situations. They play their roles to perfection!
Our favourite TikTok: hollyandhazelnut

@thepompompack 382,300 Followers – 2.9 million Likes
These adorable animals have such silky, perfect fur … we’re dying to pet them! It’s only natural then to spend a few minutes hanging out with them.
Our favourite TikTok: thepompompack

@coolestpotatoe 1.9 million Followers – 16.8 million Likes
This cat’s adorable expressions will crack you up. A true star in these super amusing videos!
Our favourite TikTok: collestpotatoe

@hortonmcsnorton – 31,000 Followers – 193,800 Likes
If you’re a fan of French Bulldogs—or Frenchies—this is the place for you!
Our favourite TikTok: hortonmcsnorton

@lifeofsterlingnewton 613,200 Followers – 9.6 million Likes
Golden Retrievers can do some pretty crazy things and they often make us laugh. You’re bound to fall for this account!
Our favourite TikTok: lifeofsterlingnewton

@koalite 485,000 Followers – 8.4 million Likes
With his beautiful fur—that’s as white as snow—and his enthusiasm for his owner’s antics, Neo has warmed the hearts of hundreds of thousands of followers. Check out the crazy scenarios!
Our favourite TikTok: koalite

@dobyandblue – 1.9 million Followers – 28.5 million Likes
Doby, Blue and their favourite human being are pretty much inseparable in these clips—and it’s their true friendship which makes your heart skip a beat!
Our favourite TikTok: dobyandblue

Photo 1 : theoreocat
Photo 2 : Divinefalcon17
Photo 3 : hollyandhazelnut
Photo 4 : thepompompack
Photo 5 : coolestpotatoe
Photo 6 : hortonmcsnorton
Photo 7 : lifeofsterlingnewton
Photo 8 : koalite1
Photo 9 : dobyandblue
Couverture : hortonmcsnorton


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