They’re miniature pigs but they scream loudly!

They’re miniature pigs but they scream loudly!

September 11, 2019

When animal photographer Catherin Arsenault was asked to undertake a photo shoot with miniature pigs, she realized the task would have a few surprises in store for her. “You have to know that the pig, by nature, is a defenseless prey," says Catherin. “All he can do when he senses danger is to save himself. I had completely forgotten this important detail. Imagine 4 pigs, only a few weeks old, who were at a stage of their lives where they’re incredibly fearful and completely driven by survival instinct. I had in front of my lens a handful of little pigs who squealed and ran in all directions!” Fortunately, their Pawsie had developed a bond of trust with the little animals and, being an experienced breeder, was able to reassure the fearful mini pigs.” With a lot of patience, very slow movements and a good dose of empathy, the photographer achieved what she set out to do. “What the story behind this picture doesn’t reveal,” Catherin admits, “is that afterwards, my ears were buzzing for hours!” (Josée Larivée)

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