The First Rescue Dog To Live In White House

The First Rescue Dog To Live In White House

February 12, 2021

January 21 2021 marked the beginning of President Joe Biden’s term in the White House. With the arrival of the First Family to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, for the first time in four years, paws will be back on White House grounds. Over the past 232 years, presidential pets have attracted the attention of the public and media for both their cuteness and strangeness. From cats and dogs all the way to more unconventional pets like a cow, a raccoon, and a pygmy hippopotamus, First Pets often make an impression. Although the Biden German Shepherds, Champ and Major, are among the more traditional companions, Major is the first shelter dog to move into the White House. The presidential pup was honoured by the Delaware Humane Association during his “Indoguration Party”, a virtual event that helped raise funds to help more shelter animals find their forever home. Raising awareness about shelter and rescue animals, the virtual Indoguration collected over $100,000. (Frank Descoteaux)

Photo: first_dogs_usa

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