The Evergreen Brick Works' Market in Toronto: BYOD

The Evergreen Brick Works' Market in Toronto: BYOD

Bring your own dog to this well-loved, exotic, high-end and canine-friendly market which may well be the biggest of its kind in Toronto.

June 29, 2019

Everyone and their dog goes to Evergreen Brick Works' Saturday Farmers Market in Toronto's East End. The parking lot is strictly monitored—and full—and dogs are everywhere. They can stroll on leash in all public spaces except in one building and areas reserved for food preparation. Honestly, it's fun!

These places aside, my dog Victor and I recently did the rounds of the artisan-style booths. We bought organic mushrooms, bread prepared in a wood-fired oven and dried lamb liver which Victor loves! He wasn't quite as enthusiastic about locally-sourced plant-based treats but, truth be told, he's an especially picky eater. Other dogs couldn't get enough.

Not your regular menu

The market has a seemingly never-ending range of products to pamper your pooch's palate, such as ostrich meat, lamb lung and dried pineapple cubes. The selection's vast but don't forget to talk to your vet if you're thinking of adding new items to your dog's diet!

Clearly, this is not your mud-on-your boots, parking lot farmers' market. And the setting is truly historical. In fact, Evergreen renovated the deteriorating heritage site in 2010 and transformed it into an award-winning public space—a “hub” that's dedicated to environmental sustainability, right in the centre of Toronto's ravine system.

Dogs love the ravine trails nearby as well as the ground-level water fountain (designed just for them!). Metal rings along the patio fence allow you to tie your pup while you nosh at the coffee shop tables on the other side.

And kitty?

On July 6, Brickworks will be hosting Meowfest, a 1-day global celebration of cats ... to which dogs are, understandably, not invited!

The Evergreen Brick Works' Saturday Farmers Market is open Saturdays from 8 am to 2 pm, June to September.

Photo credit: Brick Works Farmer’s Market

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