The cutest dogs and their American celebrity owners

The cutest dogs and their American celebrity owners

We recently shared our listing of Quebec show business’s cutest pooches and now we’re turning our attention to celebrities—and their gorgeous pets—south of the border.

April 5, 2020

You spend hours on Instagram checking out adorable dogs? And the latest pics of American stars? Why not combine the two? You might get hooked!

Selena Gomez’s impressively fluffy fido

Meet “Pepper” Reese Witherspoon’s French Bulldog

Amanda Seyfried’s faithful 4-legged friend

Miley Cyrus’s trusted travel buddy

Katy Perry’s picture-perfect pooch

Hugh Jackman’s adorable Bulldog “Dali”

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s beautiful bundle of joy

Photo 1: selenagomez
Photo 2: reesewitherspoon
Photo 3: mingey
Photo 4: mileycyrus
Photo 5: katyperry
Photo 6: thehughjackman
Photo 7: haileybieber
Cover: reesewitherspoon

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