The best dog tattoos

December 8, 2019

Thinking of getting a tattoo of your 4-legged friend but concerned you’ll regret it down the road? Here are 10 inspiring images to help with your big decision.

What could be more amazing than immortalizing your faithful 4-legged friend with a tattoo? And while many people may end up regretting their old tattoos, surely your dog will pass the test of time! After all, for the rest of your life, you’ll be reminded of the unique bond that you shared. From minimalistic to realistic, here are 10 great tattoo inspirations.

True sweetness

Colour meets Malamute

A Bull Terrier (in just a few lines)

The geometrical German Shepherd

One line and some dots

The complete animal household

Can you feel the fur?

Simply a “sausage” dog

A work of (French Bulldog) art

Is the message clear?

Photo 1: southcitymarket

Photo 2: cobaltosworld

Photo 3: projekttatuaz

Photo 4: kasiaktattoo

Photo 5:

Photo 6: bery_forestink

Photo 7: mimilatattoo

Photo 8: reddesertink

Photo 9: rhihusty

Photo 10: ritared_tattooer


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