The best cat tattoos

The best cat tattoos

We shared our top dog tattoos with you a few weeks back and, now, cat lovers, it’s your turn!

February 22, 2020

When you love animals as much as we do, getting an animal tattoo can be the logical next step. Whatever your style—hyper realistic, full colour or minimalistic—there’s inspiration all around us. Here are Pawsie’s top 10 favourite cat tattoos.

The classic

A feline line drawing

Geometric kitty

The real thing

Cutie cute!

I’m looking at you

Viva la vida loca

The colour of my love

A well-rounded kitty-cat

Mr Tomcat

Photo 1: luzguevara_tattooartist
Photo 2: kennyweitattoo
Photo 3: firecubetattoo
Photo 4: luizmarcostattoos
Photo 5: sunjae_tat
Photo 6: witchpuke
Photo 7: suflanda
Photo 8: hh_tattoo
Photo 9: marianarcaceres
Photo 10: helo.ttt

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