So happy together

So happy together

June 25, 2019

Having a dog is fun. Having a faithful companion? Even better! So how can you develop a tight-knit relationship? By bringing your dog along everywhere you go, by inviting her to share in your favorite moments, by spending as much time together and, above all, by enjoying as many activities together as possible.

Dreaming of surfing or paddle-boarding with your dog? You can certainly introduce her to new activities, but do so without pressure. Take it slowly. Respect her pace. Ensure she’s ready. Respect her fears (yes, fears, just like everyone). Be encouraging. Congratulate her successes. Remember, you were once a beginner, too.

Most of all, enjoy your time together – and your good fortune. It’s a privilege to have such a close and trusting relationship.

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Photo credit: Colton Duke

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