Snow, dangerous for dogs?

Snow, dangerous for dogs?

Winter’s cold and snow can be hard on everyone. Here are some preventive measures to take to avoid complications for your pet.

February 13, 2023

In winter, we may dress in several layers to limit our exposure to the cold. However, we often let our dogs go outside without any real protection. Is this the right thing to do? 

To each his own tolerance
Each dog has its own tolerance to cold, so you need to watch for signs that your pet enjoys playing in the snow, or on the other hand that she dislikes the cold and prefers to lie in front of the fireplace. You could, for example, let her play in the snow for a few minutes a day if she seems to enjoy the experience, but be careful not to leave her outside for too long in sub-zero temperatures. 

Whether or not your pooch is wearing winter clothing when you bring him outside, some basic precautions can be taken to avoid frostbite or discomfort. For example, be sure to wipe his paws well as soon as he comes back indoors, especially his pads (for the sake of your floor, but especially for his health). Then, make sure he’s well warmed up, while ensuring that no ice remains stuck in his coat. By following this fairly quick routine, you will be aware if anything seems out of the ordinary. 

My dog eats snow! Is it dangerous?
Some dogs like winter more than others! Those who love it, no matter what age, are likely to act like real puppies when they find themselves in the snow. If that’s the case for your four-legged friend, it’s something you need to keep a close eye on. Ingesting snow can cause your pet to suffer from indigestion or diarrhea. You should ensure that your pet swallows as little as possible to avoid complications. If your dog seems unwell after a wintry outing, you can simply contact your veterinarian for information to reassure yourself. 

As with any activity, excess can lead to issues. So, even if your dog loves the snow, it is best to control his exposure to ice and cold, and to carefully monitor his condition after he’s been outdoors. For dogs that are more sensitive to the cold, a wide variety of clothing is available to help them enjoy this season a little more! 

No matter how happy or unhappy your pet is in the snow, have a great winter... in the warmth, or in the cold!

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