Should we be changing our pup’s water more often during the summer?

July 12, 2020

On nice days, we all want to spend time outdoors with our furry friends. However, we mustn’t forget to stay hydrated—and the same goes for our pups!

Water is crucial for your dog’s good health regardless of the season, but especially during summer. When you’re spending time together outdoors, and particularly on nice sunny days, it is important that your dog have easy access to fresh, cool water and a spot in the shade where they can shelter from the sun and cool down. 

Here are a few tips and tricks to help ensure your dog stays hydrated and refreshed while enjoying the nice weather:

  • Freeze containers of water: keeping containers of ice in the freezer allows the water to stay colder longer when you take them outside. 
  • Provide a kiddie pool for your pups to play or rest in. 
  • Use a sprinkler: many dogs love to get some exercise by snapping at and playing in the water. 

Don’t forget to change the water once it starts to get warm. 

Not drinking water during the summer heat can cause heat strokes and dehydration. 

Stay alert for these first signs of dehydration: 
1. Your dog looks tired, their eyes are hollow; 
2. They look anxious; 
3. They frequently lick their lips;
4. They are breathing quickly and loudly;
5. Their back is hot; 
6. Their nose, mouth and gums are dry. 

If you notice these symptoms, the first thing to do is to get your pet out of the heat, take them somewhere cool and provide water. If the symptoms do not disappear quickly, contact your veterinarian right away. 


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