Roaming around Montreal with your dog

Roaming around Montreal with your dog

Suggestions to help you discover—or rediscover—Montreal this summer.

August 5, 2020

There are so many places to visit in and around Montreal. Whether you live here or not, the possibilities for discovering new attractions are almost endless, and, of course, we appreciate the pet-friendly places the most! Here are some locations to visit (or revisit) with your dog at your side.

So many cafés!
Dog-friendly cafés are common in the Montreal region. Whether you prefer yours iced, steaming hot, simple of complicated, coffee is always better when your dog is along for the ride. Try Lilli & Oli, Brandy’s or Florence Café. A quick online search will point you in the right direction!

The canine gym
Just a few kilometres outside of Montreal at Saint-Basile-le-Grand you’ll find a place that’s designed to let your dog run off some steam. At Loge Muso, facilitators take care of your dog in group activities while you enjoy a relaxing coffee or do errands. They also provide boarding and a range of fun canine activities. Get all the details on their website.

Outdoor stores
Numerous outdoor destinations allow dogs, as is the case at Quartier Dix30, just a few minutes outside of the city, where you’ll find a wealth of boutiques and sun-drenched terraces. During the summer months, special events are sometimes held in the square, a popular destination at the heart of Dix30. You and your pooch are sure to have a blast! 

Make errands fun
Errands are not everyone’s idea of fun but it’s that much better when you bring your dog along. Animal Vert lets you load up on food and treats in the company of the being who will get to enjoy them. Your pet is welcome in the aisles as you discover the store’s wide range of eco-responsible products. Find out about Animal Vert’s 3 Montreal locations on their website.

Summer fun with Fido
It’s a well-known fact that during the summer months terraces are the place to have a drink and make the most of the great weather. Some, such as Riverside in St-Henri, let you bring along your furry companion. Soak up some rays and sip a delicious cocktail as you pamper your pet. Fun for everyone!

Whatever you’re into, Montreal has a world of opportunities for you and your faithful companion to share. Find new places and make your dog happy … just don’t forget to give them plenty of drinking water when the mercury rises.

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