Rex: an unforgettable dog

Rex: an unforgettable dog

January 4, 2021

Like some humans, certain dogs are so endearing that they are impossible to forget. Such was apparently the case with Rex, a dog who died a century ago but who still attracts a lot of attention. Indeed, a gravestone located at Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn is made in the image of a magnificent canine. This is Rex, the faithful companion of a fruit merchant who died in 1884. Passersby leave sticks in front of the statue, just as one puts flowers in front of a loved one’s grave. Although Green-Wood Cemetery has several remarkable headstones, Rex’s has been attracting more attention from visitors since the beginning of the pandemic because this historic burial ground has become a popular place for New Yorkers to stretch their legs and find some space. Green-Wood’s communications manager says that although it is difficult to know if a dog is actually buried under the statue, people seem to be having fun believing it. What a touching story! If you're ever in Brooklyn, stop by and visit Rex! (Katrine Joncas)

Photo : Kevin T. Morales

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