Record-breaking dogs

Record-breaking dogs

Which dogs are the biggest, fastest, most powerful? Here are some fun dog facts for you to chew on.

April 3, 2019

1.03 m
The height of the world's tallest dog
When Freddy stands on his hind legs, he's 2.10 m tall. That's 48 cm taller than his owner Claire Stoneman! This Great Dane, who lives in Norfolk, England, has been a Guinness World Record holder since 2006. “He eats 1 kg of ground beef, 250 g of beef stew and approximately 300 g of liver every day,” Stoneman told The Telegraph. He's a gentle giant with a weakness for sofas: in their youth, Freddy, together with his sister Fleur (a big lass in her own right), worked their way through 26 of them. It seems they needed to chew on something more substantial than mere bones!

70 km/h
A Greyhound's top speed

Yes, Greyhounds can reach incredible speeds! Over the last century, they've torn around race tracks, to the delight of crowds, all across Britain and North America. For many years, however, Greyhound racing has been condemned by a number of organizations due to the atrocious treatment reserved for these sublime athletes who are often abandoned the moment their performance starts to wane. Now illegal in Canada, dog racing is on the decline globally, as foster families step in to provide these one-time champions with the quiet and peaceful retirements they so deserve.

30 million people
The social media reach of the world's most popular dog

On Instagram alone, more than 8.9 million followers swoon over photos of @Jiffpom. That's more than twice as many as Nicole Kidman! Add to that all the fans who follow his adventures on YouTube and Snapchat and this adorable little Pomeranian is, without a doubt, the world's most popular dog. The canine actor, who appears in Katy Perry's Dark Horse video, is also the goose that laid the golden egg. His earnings for each sponsored release are estimated at over $17,500 (and that's not counting revenues from merchandising!).

Photo credit : Paul Michael Hughes, Guinness World Records
Photo credit : Instagram/@jiffpom

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