Planning your doggie's stay at “daycare”

Planning your doggie's stay at “daycare”

In order to ensure your dog has a pleasant and stress-free stay at the kennel or other care facility, good planning is essential! Here are a few ideas.

January 23, 2021

Sending a doggie to “daycare” can be stressful for both animal and owner. However, proper preparation will help put your pet—and you—at ease! 

Choosing the right place
The first step, of course, is choosing where to board your pet. To do this, think about its character and “personality.”

  • If your dog is more anxious by nature, perhaps staying with someone it knows would be the best option.
  • If your dog is more sociable, you may want to consider a place where other dogs are cared for at the same time. This will allow it to play with “friends” and have fun. 
  • If your dog is rather solitary and quiet, a stay with someone who cares for only one dog at a time would probably be the best choice. 

To ensure that you have a place at the desired facility, make sure to plan ahead for your dog’s care needs. Don’t wait till the last moment to book a place. 

Preparing your dog
Once the location has been selected and your pet’s place reserved, remember to prepare its personal belongings in advance. For example, add its favourite toy, bed and any other necessary items to the “suitcase” so pooch doesn't feel too lost. The best way to do this is to make a list and check off items as you add them. This will ensure you don’t forget anything. 

Positive attitude
If your dog tends to dislike being boarded when you are away from home, try to make the experience a positive one. For example, take some time to play with your dog and pet it before you go. Also, you can bring a few treats in the car as a reward.

The most important thing is to reduce your dog’s stress. These simple tips will help you choose the right place and properly prepare your pet’s things.

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