Planning for the arrival of a new family member

Planning for the arrival of a new family member

Waiting for a new family member to arrive is always exciting. This is the story of Frédérique, who is patiently awaiting the arrival of her Golden Retriever.

January 13, 2021

The project began six months ago. Frédérique worked hard to sell her parents on the idea of the family adopting a dog, specifically a Golden Retriever. Since she lives with them, she obviously needed their approval before she could go ahead. Of course, the pandemic represents an ideal situation for this, especially for dog training, since Frédérique is almost always at home. For the past two months, since the decision to adopt a puppy was made, it’s all she’s been thinking about! Preparations for the arrival of her adorable new friend are already underway and listening to her talk about it, you can’t help but be as excited as she is!

Step one: the search
Once she had her parents’ agreement, Frédérique began searching for a breeder. However, she also quickly realized that there are waiting lists for Golden Retrievers until 2022. So, she consulted Kijiji, where she found a nice lady who sells puppies for a reasonable price. 

After contacting her, Frédérique, accompanied by her father, went to the home of the woman in question to see who she was dealing with. Frédérique stresses the importance of checking several criteria when thinking about acquiring a dog that does not come from a kennel. Indeed, some ill-intentioned people are trying to take advantage of the current high demand to sell dogs for exorbitant prices. Details such as the behaviour of the dogs at the site and the cleanliness of the premises can say a lot about how the dogs are treated. Furthermore, asking for more than $2,500 for a dog is excessive. To avoid being duped, you have to be aware of the risk of fraud, and not get let your excitement about having a new puppy lead you to be overly hasty. Taking your time is the key. 

Step two: the preparation
Nothing is more exciting than waiting patiently for the arrival of your new four-legged friend, preparing every detail to provide a pleasant and warm welcome. In order to ensure a smooth transition, Frédérique is trying to get everything ready, from making appointments to purchasing necessary supplies, such as a dog toothbrush, shampoo and nail clipper. Furthermore, Frédérique says she is already arranging the house and finding the perfect place for her future pet’s cage, in addition to managing the food situation, since her family also has a cat. In addition, she is already busy preparing the place where her new friend, whom she wants to name Cooper, will be able to do her business.

“I even thought about making sure I had a place for her to do her business in the yard. This will be the next step in training; we’ll show her where she can go.”

Indeed, training a puppy is an important part of its early months of life, so Frédérique is trying to inform herself as much as possible between her school assignments. “I’m watching lots of videos from certified breeders to prepare myself to teach her not to bark and not to chew on everything. I've learned that you have to take advantage of their first four months, because that’s when they learn the most.” For Frédérique, it’s important to be well prepared when Cooper arrives. For example, aware that Golden Retrievers are known for hip problems, among other things, Frédérique is ready to consult a vet regularly on this subject to avoid unpleasant surprises. 

Step three: the welcome!
Once everything is ready comes the moment we’ve been waiting for – welcoming our new family member! Of course, this is the most joyful stage, the one we have been looking forward to so much! 

For Frédérique, this moment will come in February. Born during the week of December 13, little Cooper will join her family in February, at around eight weeks old. There is no doubt that Frédérique will be very ready and that Cooper will not lack love!

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