Picking the best cat tree for your pet

August 9, 2020

The right cat tree can help satisfy some of your cat’s most basic instincts. Here are some guidelines for finding the right model.

Why get a cat tree?
Your cat will definitely survive without one, but a cat tree can truly enrich your pet’s daily life. It will provide your pet with a bird’s eye view over their space so that they can look out for disturbances. If you also have a dog, your feline will be thrilled to hide up on high and get some peace and quiet away from Fido. And, by providing an ideal location to sharpen their claws, your new cat tree will help prolong your furniture’s life span and save you money.

How to pick the right model?
Shopping at a pet boutique or online, you’ll find a wealth of options. Be sure to go with the model that fits your cat’s needs, by keeping the following criteria in mind.

A tall cat tree will give your cat the best views and soothe their animal instincts. When it comes to location, set yours up in a quiet spot that provides the best sightlines. Place it by a window to give your kitty front-row seats to your neighbourhood’s activities.

Your new cat tree will give your cat a calm new hangout. Buy one that’s solid. Check for structural strength and be sure that it’s soundly built. Once it’s up, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your cat for the first few days to make sure it’s totally safe!

Lastly, if you’re keen to provide your cat with a place to claw, get the tree best suited for this use. If this isn’t a concern, prioritize comfort and height.

Whatever model you choose, your cat is bound to be pleased with their new accessory and will have hours of pleasure ahead!


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