Of mice and cats

There’s no shortage of apps designed for cats. We gathered our kitties and put a few of the apps to the test … starting with “Mouse for cats” (for iPad).

July 26, 2019

This app is ChatChat’s favourite. The goal? To catch mice! The game? A colourful mouse hides in the corners and whips across the screen in rapid, random movements, squeaking like a real rodent. You’ll split your side laughing as your cat hunkers down for the hunt, lunging at would-be mice underneath your tablet and even sinking her teeth into your device. On this front, a few words of advice: consider a rugged tablet case. The app counts the number of times your cat catches its prey and dials up the speed as she becomes more successful. A new function gives you the option of one, two or even three mice simultaneously. Begin with one: it’s ample stimulation for your domesticated feline hunter! Be warned: your cat may start pouncing at your tablet at seemingly random moments (when you’re watching a film or when your tablet’s sitting unused on your desk). And think of her eyes by limiting screen-time and tossing her a “real” toy mouse every once in a while. (Pawsie)

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