Ocytocin: The Pawsie hormone

Ocytocin: The Pawsie hormone

June 24, 2019

Are you sick of being told that the only reason your dog loves you is because you feed him? Now you can explain to those who know nothing about animals that your dog's affection is well and truly real … it's even been scientifically proven. And it's thanks to ocytocin—a hormone that's common to all mammals (even cats). Ocytocin works its strongest magic between mothers and their offspring but also helps form bonds between members of the same family and spouses. Japanese researchers recently measured levels of ocytocin in dogs after they'd looked into their masters' eyes. What did they find? The levels of the hormone skyrocketed. In fact, when your dog contemplates you with that love-stricken look—and when you whisper sweet nothings back at him—his brain releases ocytocin. As if, at that precise moment, you and your dog are floating on a mystical cloud of affection. Skeptics? Well they just don't know what they're missing! (Louise Dugas)

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