May 8, 2019

What wouldn't we do for them? We take them for walks, strut them about, sing their praises. We flatter them, dress them up, admire them. We take them on vacation, serve them dog beer, drop them off at the pet spa … and the list goes on (and on!). The better they look, the better we feel. We lend them words, anticipate their desires, respond to their needs—perhaps all a fiction of our imaginations?

Question: Does this mean that we're crazy?

Answer: Of course not!

But, seeing as we're chatting among Pawsies, let's be honest. Sometimes our pet-adoring antics do come across as a little excessive to the less animal-centric people with whom we share our planet, no? But at we know you're not nuts. We know where you're coming from.

Find out what makes us tick.

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