Nori, the dog with the human-looking face!

November 9, 2020

It could be his light, almond-shaped eyes or his pinkish lips, with just a hint of a smile. One thing’s for sure: Nori has a face that stands out. This Aussiedoodle—part Australian Shepherd, part Poodle—has become a worldwide celebrity thanks to his human-looking face. Although he’s not yet 2 years old, he already has over 12,000 followers. Along with his rise to stardom, some have even questioned if Nori’s photos have been touched up … because how frequently do you come across a dog with a face like that? While Nori’s owners were aware of his unusual looks, they weren’t expecting so much press. But when you look at this dog’s wise expression, it’s hardly surprising that he’s captured everyone’s imagination! (Marilou Rochefort)

Feed: up2youha
Photo: norichiban


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